The Science of Catching A Leprechaun

So, you’ve built your trap, left a trail of leprechaun treats and made some observations. What did you discover about the science of catching a leprechaun? Did anyone succeed?

While staying at home, Edison is taking time out to develop his inquiring mind and hone his science and communications skills. Not only did he engineer a trap, he used the scientific method to record his observations and successes. Why not follow his lead and using his example below, let the world know what you learned about leprechauns this week?


Edison’s Leprechaun Trap

Reason: To build a trap and catch a leprechaun to get three wishes.


Empty lysol container with a lid


Fake or real coins


Sticky tape

Green construction paper


  1. Gather all the materials.
  2. Decorate the outside of the container with green construction paper and put drawings and messages such as ‘No human area’, ‘Trap free’  ‘May be gold’ and ‘100% safe’.
  3. Tape a battery on to the lid.
  4. Prop a marker under the lid.
  5. Tape a string to the lid.
  6. Put money inside and wait!

Hypothesis: The leprechaun will slide down the string and the weight of the leprechaun and the battery will make the lid fall and stick.  The leprechaun will be trapped.


  1. In the morning the trap had been activated. When opened, there was no leprechaun inside, and all of the coins were still there.
  2. The room that the trap was in was extra messy, for example things that had been in a special order were mixed up.

Conclusion: A leprechaun activated the trap. It saw coins, but there were not enough coins for him to be interested, so he escaped. Next time the suggestion is to use more coins so the leprechaun will stay. Also, place the marker at a different angle, so the leprechaun cannot escape easily.


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