Building a Better Leprechaun Trap…

Leprechauns have been know to, like their December friends (also known as Elves on Shelves) leave some mischievous evidence of their presence in homes across the world as March 17thapproaches.

My nephews have reported finding green Leprechaun ‘droppings’ in their toilet on St. Patrick’s Day morning as well as what seemed to be ‘green pee’ left behind by one of the wee folk. There have been tiny green boot prints left in the hallways and inexplicable messes left in the living room. Couch pillows were strewn around as if someone had been looking for coins that were rumoured to be buried underneath them.

If you too have experienced some unruly mishaps or have suddenly found all of your green crayons missing…you may have a Leprechaun.

This is both good and bad. Good, because if you do manage to ‘catch’ a Leprechaun, he is supposed to give you ALL of his gold coins, bad because if you do not locate him you may wake up to find that your hair has been braided and dyed green and your parents are mad because SOMEONE left green handprints all over their newly cleaned windows!

So, why not spend some time building a perfect Leprechaun Trap over the next day or two and see if you can catch him AND get rich at the same time?

All you need is lots of imagination, stuff you can find around your house and something to lure the Leprechaun into your trap. There is no right or wrong way to do this and there are literally thousands of designs. Try one with a built in water slide or roller coaster! Leprechauns love to have fun you know!

My nephews built one out of a box and decorated it with shamrocks. Inside they put plenty of green things (cause it is a Leprechaun’s favourite colour). Some of these things included a stuffed green monkey, green water, a green apple, a comfortable green bed and some gold chocolate coins. There were motion sensors at the front of the trap, with sticky tape at the entrance to catch him as soon as he stepped inside. The last time they built one, the trap was activated, but there was no Leprechaun inside…just a note saying, “Better luck next year. Thanks for the chocolate.”

If you want to read up on some real life Leprechaun stories or research some of the designs people around the world have devised then watch this reading of  “How to Catch a Leprechaun” by Adam Wallace with illustrations by Andy Elkerton.

Then get some design ideas at:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! May the luck of the Irish be yours to share!


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