“The children have been taking the books out like crazy. I have overheard them say that the workshop was really fun and they really liked it a lot.”

“I found Lori to be so entertaining that, even though we had the Heritage Fair in the gym at the same time, I was drawn to her presentation as she was entrancing. She is excellent at managing these large groups. Her pacing and fun spirit kept even the busiest children focused on her.”

Lauralee Edgell, Principal, Eighth Avenue Elementary School and Bumblebeeland Strong Start Community Pre-School, Port Alberni, BC.

“I was happy to help coordinate Lori’s busy schedule of six school presentations in two days. As well, Lori offered an exciting workshop to teachers the day she arrived. Her passion is definitely making literacy come alive in classrooms and she certainly provided fun, specific strategies during her presentations!  Lori is a natural teacher in front of large groups. Her pacing and audience control was excellent and student response was most enthusiastic! I highly recommend her as a presenter.”

Sandi Paterson,  Retired Educator, M.Ed.

“Lori was an energetic and dynamic performer and facilitator. During the workshop, she was able to engage with tired teachers and had them performing too! Her school presentation was varied and moved at a good pace. The activities she presented were both entertaining and instructive. The props that emerged from the Tickle Trunk were particularly engaging and were great in involving the audience in her presentation.”

Megan Reddick, Teacher, French Immersion, Grade 2

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