Student Written Plays

Here is the latest play, hot off of the press from the Brockton Grade 2’s!  December 2016

Brocktonia Vs. Planet X 

Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful planet called Brocktonia. It was a magical, colourful and happy place. It had a disco bouncy castle where you could jump all day for free, a disco river that when you walked by it, it said, “what do you need?” and it would give you what you asked for. It also had a Happy Store where every purchase was a happy purchase!


Ruling over Brocktonia was a magical princess. (Daisy)

She had two unicorns that never left her side. (Madeline and Chase)

Her best friend was a hula girl. (Olivia) and Ed the Talking Dog was her pet. (Xander)

Three karate masters protected the princess and her kingdom. (Savanna, Cole, Toby)

Stardust, the planet’s magical falcon, could spread stardust around the skies and helped to guard the planet from any forces that might threaten their happiness. She was best friends with Ed the Talking Dog. (Sloane)

Finally, Brocktonia was a place where, indeed, pigs could fly and ­­­­­­­­­­­­the flying pig with bacon wings was often seen soaring across the skies with his friend Stardust.


Narrator: On another planet, Planet X, not far away from Brocktonia, the world was quite different. It was much darker and gloomier. A black castle towered over the countryside. They had an underground fortress where they had a machine that produced bad guys. They even had a jail for good people. They loved everything evil and hoped one day that everyone and everywhere would be as evil as they were!

Planet X was full of champions. One of its most famous was the evil gymnast. (Josephine)


The ruler of Planet X was a king named Question Mark. (Aydin)

His daughter, the Princess helped him to dream up plans to make the universe a more evil place. (Ailin)

She had a pet, a baby lion. Her roars could scare even the bravest of people. (Chloe)

An evil spy (Angelica) was the sneakiest and smartest on all of Planet X and worked closely with King Question Mark.

Chaos also worked with the king and came out of the machine that produced bad people. (Nate)

And finally, an ingenious computer hacker (Rylan) who knew every computer program in the world worked deep underground in the fortress.


Aydin (Evil King): I think we should make everyone in Brocktonia evil!


Everyone: YES!


Angelica (Evil Spy): We will have to sneak into their land and spread evilness. I can use my fire power to take over the castle.


Ailin (Evil Princess): How about we destroy the Disco River so that they cannot dance anymore?


Nate (Chaos): Once we take over their world, we can turn them all evil.


Gymnast: We can take away their magic trampoline so that they cannot have fun anymore.


Chloe (Lion): We can make them our servants and make them work for us everyday!


Rylan (Evil H. Brian): I could build a teleporter then when we get there I’ll turn off all the lights so that they can’t see us coming.


Ayden: I call a town meeting so we can discuss how to take over Brocktonia. Come on everybody! Let’s go!

All: Let’s go!


Narrator: While all of this was happening, the people of Brocktonia were having a marvelously fun filled day!


Toby: I am buying special shields so that there will be no violence in Brocktonia


Cole: I am buying lots of Eggnog because Eggnog makes me happy. I’m also getting flashlights in case we need them.


Sloane: I’m fly dancing over by the river and picking off a fish for my crunchies!


Xander: I love going down the water slide at the Disco River!
Ian: I’ll flip and flop into the water!


Olivia: Look at me, I’m getting ready to go into the disco bouncy castle.


Daisy: Look at me, I can jump so high!


Chase: I love to bounce!


Savanna: I’m so flexible.


Madeline: I like to jump, jump, JUMP!


Narrator: When the people from Planet X arrived, Evil H. Brian turned off all of the lights so that none of the people could see.


Evil H. Brian: Okay, we’re in. The lights are out.


Brocktonian People: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Team 1 (Ailin, Ayden, Josephine):   SNEAKING OVER TO THE DISCO RIVER.
Josephine: I’ll use my pulling out power to pull out of the happiness out of the Disco River. SHE DOES A MOTION AND SOUND TO INDICATE THIS.


Brocktonians at the river: (sadly) Awwwww.


Team 2 (Nate, Angelica, Chloe): SNEAKING OVER TO THE BOUNCY CASTLE
Angelica: I’m using my fire to destroy one part of the castle.


Chloe: I will pop the castle with my claws.


Nate: I will send in my minions to pop all of the parts of the bouncy castle.


Everyone: POP!


Brocktonians at the castle: (sadly) Awwwww.




Rylan: I’m going to drain all of the energy in this place. Then I’ll use my magic sleeping powers to put everyone to sleep! HE DOES THE ACTIONS. Sleep, sleep, sleep.


Planet X: Mwa ha ha!

Everyone in Brocktonia wakes up and looks around:

All: Huh?

Ian: Wow, look over there! There’s only sparks left where the bouncy castle was. I feel a bit sad.


Olivia: I think somebody used sleeping dust on us.


Daisy: No one is smiling anymore.


Sloane: There might be footprints! I’ll go sprinkle stardust to see if there’s any tracks. Look there’s some right here and then they disappear!


Xander: Hmm…this fire mark looks like it was caused by magic. This was not just a random wild fire. The magic used comes from Planet X.


Everyone: Oh no!


Savanna: I think we should all work together, especially with the 3 karate masters to solve the problem.


Cole: We should get the power of the Disco River and the Bouncy Castle back and build walls around Brocktonia so no one can get in.


Toby: Let’s go to our magical spaceship garage and travel to Planet X .


Madeline: We’ll have to look for more clues there, because I bet that is where they hid our happiness !


Chase: We’ll use our shrinking unicorn power to shrink everybody in Brocktonia. That way no one will notice when we sneak into Planet X.

They use their unicorn power and everyone shrinks. They exit.

Everyone: Alright, let’s go.


Narrator: Meanwhile back on Planet X….


Rylan: Let’s hide the happiness in a vault with codes and locks.


Josephine: Let’s take the happiness from the Disco River and throw it into the Black River on Planet X. Whenever people walk by, it will play evil music.


Nate: We can put some of it in a jar and lock it so that no one can take it.


All: Let’s go!


Narrator: The miniature people of Brocktonia landed and began their mission to find their stolen happiness. Stardust returned them all to their normal size.


Savanna; I’ll talk to the water creatures and they’ll be able to tell me how to get our happy music back.


Madeline and Chase: We’ll wear these heat goggles. They will be able to sense where our happiness has been hidden.


They put on their goggles and look around.


Madeline and Chase: It’s in a vault over there!


Olivia and Daisy: It’s got a code! We’ll try to crack it.


They try to crack it but fail.


Xander: We need a magic word! Let’s try Abracadabra!


They all say the magic word but it fails.


Cole, Savanna, Toby: Stand back! We’ll try some of our famous karate chops!


They do karate moves.


Narrator: The door came crashing down with a great, big…


All: BOOM!


Xander: Quick! Grab the happiness!


All characters from Planet X enter, sneaking behind the Brocktonians.


All from Planet X: Halt! Who goes there?


All from Brocktonia: Oh oh!


Aydin and Ailin: You guys are stealing our treasures! For that all of you should go to jail!


Olivia and Daisy: You stole it from us! We’re just taking back what was ours!


Savanna: And you ruined our bouncy castle too! You should be the ones going to jail!


Angelica and Nate: Why do you care so much about all of that stuff anyway?


All from Brocktonia: Because it’s fun!


All from Planet X: What’s fun?


Sloane: You mean you guys have never had any fun before? I can fix that! Come on Flying Pig, help me sprinkle some stardust on them! It’s a special formula designed just for emergencies like this!

She and the Flying Pig fly around and sprinkle stardust over all of them.


Flying Pig: Now let’s show them how to have fun! Let’s do the happy dance! A one, a two, a one, two, three, four!


Music cue. All Brocktonians do the happy dance to music, People from Planet X join in.


Rylan and Chloe: We feel fantastic!


The rest of Planet X: So do we!


Aydin: From now on, I proclaim that the people of Planet X must do something fun at least once a day!


All: Yay!


Ailin: AND…we’ll build a new bouncy castle for you! It seems like the perfect place to dance!


Narrator; The people of Planet X had found that a little bit of fun could warm their hearts and make them feel a lot better. They took regular lessons in how to have fun from the people of Brocktonia, the two princesses became sisters, Stardust, Ed the Talking Dog and the Evil Baby Lion all became best friends…and the people of both planets lived….


All: Happily ever after!


The End!


Here is another play, hot off the presses from R.L. Education in Richmond, BC!

Published March 11th, 2017.

Knights and Damsels

An Original Play By: Students at R.L. Education Inc.


Narrator: Once upon a time there were two kingdoms. There was the kingdom of Lava and Water. This kingdom was hot and spicy! Cold and mighty!   In it lived King Almose, Knight Kencal and Max the Wizard.

Knight: Our kingdom is the best of all! Our warriors can defeat anyone!

Wizard: My magic is unbelievably amazing!

Narrator: The other kingdom was called the Golden Kingdom. This kingdom had so much money they couldn’t even count it! They had thousands of golden swords!

Queen: I am the queen and I love to sparkle! I have the most beautiful jewels in the land!

Others: We have the most beautiful jewels in all the land!

Narrator: Every morning at 7 am the people of the Lava and Water Kingdom got up and cheered loudly.


L and W Kingdom Cheer: We are brave!

We fight for good!

We are ferocious!

Lava and Water Kingdom rules the world!

Narrator: Every morning at 7:30 am the people of the Golden Kingdom got up and cheered equally as loudly. It was like a contest.


Golden Kingdom Cheer: We’re not afraid!

We have swords!   Shiny, golden swords!

We battle fear! We battle tears!

We are the best! We are the best!


Narrator: One day they both got up at the same time and cheered. It was so loud that it shattered all of the magical potion jars on the wizard’s shelves. He was understandably angry. This went on for a week. One day the wizard got fed up.


Both kingdoms cheer loudly at the same time, wizard comes in and stops it.


Wizard: Stop this nonsense right now! There’s only one way to prove which kingdom is the best and that is through a series of contests! The Lava and Water Kingdom will choose the first one!

King: I propose that we have a competition to see who is the best at Boom Ball! We’ll shoot the Boom Ball back and forth between kingdoms. The kingdom that drops the ball first loses. If the ball lands between kingdoms, it shall be considered a foul!

Knight: Let the games begin!

They play. The game should be played so that the Golden Castle Wins. Script can be improvised as the game is on.

Queen:   We won!

Wizard: It’s not over yet, m’lady. It is now your turn to choose a game.

Queen: I propose a war of words. We will choose an object from our kingdom. Each kingdom must come up with a list of words to describe it. Whoever has the longest list…wins. Please select an object.

Other: Yes m’lady. I select this royal crown.

Other: Lava and Water Kingdom. You may go first. Let the games begin!

Lava and Water Kingdom put their heads together and whisper, then take turns calling out descriptive words back and forth.   Wizard can keep score. Lava and Water Kingdom wins.


Lava: Golden crown!

Golden: Shiny crown!

Lava: Sparkly crown!

Golden: Magical crown!

Lava: Precious crown!

Golden: Beautiful crown!

Lava:   Ginormous crown

Golden: Ummm…ummmm

Lava: A crown that shines like it has been polished every day for 1000 years!


Wizard: And the game point goes to the Lava and Water Kingdom!

King: Three cheers for us!

All in the L and W Kingdom: Hip hip hooray! (x3)

King: But wait, that means we’re tied.

Queen: We need a tie breaker!

Wizard: I propose a war in prose! Some time with rhyme! If you’re not too shy, we’ll play Alligator Pie!

All: What do you mean?

Wizard:   Both the people of the Golden Kingdom and the people of the Lava and Water Kingdom will present their version of Alligator Pie, the poem. May the best speakers win!

Narrator: And so both kingdoms rehearsed for a week. It wasn’t easy. The Golden Kingdom had trouble rhyming and the Lava and Water Kingdom had trouble remembering what came next.

Queen: Now try again!

Others: Alligator Pie, Alligator Pie, if I don’t get some, I think I’m going to go crazy!

Queen: No! No! No! We’re doomed! It’s die, people. I think I’m going to die! Try again!

King: Alligator Pie, Alligator Pie…now what comes next?

Knight: Ummm. Ummm.

King: Come on, it’s not that hard! Alligator Pie, Alligator Pie…

Knight: Ummm. Ummm.

King: Ahhhh!

Wizard: Finally the big day came. It is now up to you, fair viewers to vote on which kingdom presents the best. Once both have presented please give them a mark out of 10. I will add these up. May the best kingdom win!

Both kingdoms present. Wizard counts up the votes. They could be tied again.

Wizard: And the listener’s choice award goes to…

Thank you to all contestants! Both kingdoms invite you to join them for some Crocodile Soup and Alligator Pie down by the river. Let’s have three cheers for each kingdom!

All: Hip hip hooray! (x3)