May You…Positive Poetry to Foster Heartwarming Moments

What better time than now to send good wishes out to the world? To those we love? To those who may be in isolation and unable to see people?  Take some time today to be positive and compose a May You poem that captures something warm and fuzzy, then share it, either below or with those you love! Maybe even host a family poetry reading!


I have created May You poems with many people of all ages. One year, at Brockton Preparatory School, I worked with the grade ones to compose, illustrate, act and perform a poem themed around “My Wishes for the Earth”, in celebration of Earth Day.

Grade 1 Black May You (dragged) 2Grade 1 Black May You (dragged)

If grade ones can be this creative, so can you!

 May You (List Poems)

This kind of poetry focuses on using theme and repetition. Rhyme and rhythm may be added. May You poems are a type of list poem and offer fair tidings to the reader. May you is repeated at the beginning of each line.


  • Think of a list of wishes you might like to offer up to an individual or to the world. If you like, think of a theme, like wishes for the world, or wishes for my family…
  • Decide on which wishes are the strongest and highlight them.
  • Edit the list adding expressive language, similes or metaphors and put them in order. Each line typically begins with May you…the poem can be written in rhyme or prose.
  • Illustrate your wishes in a book and gift it to someone. Record the poem using Garageband or the voice recorder on your phone. Share with those you love.


May you have the sweetest dream, filled with delicious ice-cream.

May your hair be nice and beautiful,
with a pink bow that’s very wonderful.

May your house be big and cozy,
with a couch that’s soft and fuzzy.
May your cat be cute and cuddly,
just like your brothers, Dan and Dudley.

May your parents buy you everything you want, and may they be nice people who never ever taunt!

Written by a grade 5 student.





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1 Response to May You…Positive Poetry to Foster Heartwarming Moments

  1. Shelley says:

    May you continue to share these stories of creativity so that all of us feel inspired!
    May you feel love and patience with yourself and others as we transition to this new beginning

    May you feel your sense of purpose even stronger now as Mother Earth asks us all to reset!

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