West Bay Elementary

Here are the covers of the books created in Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Sun’s and Ms. Riley’s grade three classes at West Bay Elementary as well as some sample writing, photos of the masks that students designed which appear in the book and their symbolic winter counts.

Anina’s Fable Sample Page (Ms. Riley’s Class)

Cole’s Fable

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  1. lorisherritt says:

    In case you cannot open the sample stories above, here they are:

    Bat’s Hockey Game
    By: Cole (Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Sun’s Class)

    “Bang!“ went the boards as Bat shot the puck but missed the goal. “Well, I don’t mind. I wasn’t trying anyways,” Bat said. Bat is a brownish colored bat who lived in a cave. He was not a huge hockey fan but played only if he was going to win.
    It was a snowy winter day on November 18, 2007, in Vancouver, BC, and Bat was practicing for the Stanley Cup finals with his team. They were playing on a small practice ice rink and the finals were being played the next day. “Buzz!” went the buzzer when practice was over and Bat flew back to his cave without talking to his team about their practice.
    During the next day, Bat’s team, The Birds, were ready to play. Eagle won the faceoff and passed the puck to Hawk. Hawk skated around the defenseman and passed the puck to Bat but Bat was not ready so he missed the pass. The other team, called the Bugs, stole the puck while Bat showed no effort in getting it for his team. The Bugs carried the puck up the ice, shot it but Ostrich made a glove save. Eagle won the next faceoff and passed the puck to Hawk who was now on a breakaway. He shot it top right corner of the net…GOAL! It was 1-0 for the Birds.
    Now back at center ice, the Bugs won the faceoff quickly scored a goal so now it was 1-1. The coach noticed that Bat was not trying as hard as his teammates so he said to him, “Please give your best effort Bat.”
    During the second period, the Bugs won the faceoff and carried the puck up the ice while Bat was offside. Hawk intercepted one of the passes then skated around the Bugs players, shot the puck then scored. The referee said, “No goal because Bat was offside.”
    Later in the game, the Bugs scored twice making it 3-1 for them. At the end of the second period, the Birds’ coach didn’t see Bat because he had left the game. Bat had quit because his team was losing the game decided to leave and go back to his cave. When Bat got home, he turned on the television and found out that his team had won the game 4-3 and won the Stanley Cup! He phoned Eagle and said, “ I left the game because we were losing but since I am still part of the team, can I still hold the Stanley Cup?”
    “No, because you decided to quit and did not try your best,” answered Eagle. After that day, Bat learned his lesson to never quit just because you are losing and to always try your best.

    Moral: Never quit & always try your best.

    Vicious the Vulture
    By: Anina (Mrs. Riley’s class)

    “Ahhh, I can’t do this”, moaned Vicious as he struggled to fly. His sister Scary and his mom were cheering him on, but he still couldn’t do it. One day his mom and sister Scary went out flying into the thick forest. Vicious was in the nest watching trees go side to side, wondering what his mom and sister Scary were doing. He thought that they were flying through the trees, going to the mountains, and flying over the ocean. He thought they were seeing their friends to buy new clothes. He also thought that they were going to parties wearing their new clothes, drinking lemonade and eating fish, while he was in the nest watching grass grow and bugs run. When Vicious tries to fly, he always gives up right when he is about to fly and can never do it. One night, in the middle of the night, Scary woke Vicious up and pushed him off the tree. This time Vicious knew that he had to flap his wings or he could die. So he flapped his wings as hard as he could and started to fly. The next day, Vicious started to fly right away and went on adventures. This time he could find his own food, he could go to see his friends, and have his own parties too. Now that Vicious is confident, he can do anything he wants to do.

    Moral: If you are not confident, you can’t do what you want to do.

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