Sparklepaw! What a Great Name for a Character!

I am highlighting some of the very young and talented students that I have mentored this year though BL Education for your summer reading delight. Today, meet Jasmine, always an inspiration. She always came up with magical scenarios and character names that tickled my imagination! Hard to believe she just finished grade three and could write this much in just one week! Every week!

About the Author: Jasmine is a little girl that is in grade 3 and she lives with her parents, sister and brother. She loves writing stories, and also, she likes to read. Her piano teacher tells her she is a book bug!!! (and Lori is her favourite teacher…ok, I just added that!)

The Magical Crystal Ball

By: Jasmine

Chapter 1 The Introduction 

            Snowflake, the snow tiger was a little tiger cub. She had a swirly-black pattern on her body, and a silvery tail swished behind her. Her mother’s name was Crystal, and her father’s name was Icicle. Crystal had the power of snow, and Icicle had the power of ice. Snowflake had the power of telling the future. Her family was granted a wish, so they wished they could fly. Everyone had silver wings. Snowflake had glittering white wings with touches of silver. Crystal had pale blue wings with silver, and Icicle had light sea-blue colored wings with silver.

            Today, Snowflake was excited. She was going to the mountains! She was going to visit the Snow Globe Theater with Queen Blizzard! The Snow Globe Theater was one of the most popular theaters on the globe. But tickets were expensive and hard to get, so Snowflake felt important and content at the same time. Of course, the queen controlled all the tundras in the world so she got to pick who could go with her to the theaters, or who couldn’t. Also, Queen Blizzard’s companions did not have to pay because they were with the queen.

            “Snowflake, don’t forget to bring your crystal ball!!” Sparklepaw called her younger sister. 

Snowflake opened her pouch and carefully took out her crystal ball. It sparkled in the early morning sun. “I have it!” Snowflake called. Snowflake needed to take the crystal ball with her, everywhere she went. It helped her to tell the future and alarm her when something bad was going to happen. “Let’s goooo!” 

            When they reached the Crystal Snow Globe of the Tundras Theater and Cafe they chose a seat on the balcony, overlooking the stage. It was very fascinating, seeing the actors dance and play out different scenes. By the end of the day, the group was exhausted. Just then, Sparklepaw asked Snowflake to read the future. That’s when trouble started. Snowflake reached down to get the crystal ball out, but she discovered that her crystal ball had been stolen!

Chapter 2 The Plan

            “Oh-no!” cried out Queen Blizzard, as soon as she finished scolding the guards. “It must have been Flickerflame, daughter to Queen Fireflame. The fire group is a group of sleek, white lynxes with bobcat ears. They are the worst. Especially Flicker flame, she is the hunting thief of the Fire Clan,” Queen Blizzard explained. “Flicker flame was sitting right in the row above us. The fire row!!” she added darkly. 

“Then let’s find my crystal ball!” yelped Snowflake, striking a superhero pose.

“Wait, we need a plan,” said Sparklepaw. They discussed the plan for some time, and then it was time for action.

Chapter 3 Action

            The group met again at Blizzard’s Ice Palace. It was time for action. Blizzard led the sisters into flight, snapping open her majestic azure wings, carefully making sure the four wings would not hit each other. The queen’s wings had a dark outline of cobalt-blue. The tips were black. “Whoosh!” A blast of wind blew against her. Snowflake was doing a little somersault in mid-air. But then she fell in mid-air, spraying snow all over Queen Blizzard and Sparklepaw. 

As soon as Sparklepaw shook off the snow, she rolled her eyes and said, “Little sister, don’t do that again!” Sparklepaw picked up a little pawful of snow and whacked it into Snowflake’s face.

“Oh yeah?” Snowflake grouped together some snow, and threw it at Sparkle paw. Then, before they knew it, a snowball fight started.

            A while later, they decided to start. When the moon pulled itself up onto the horizon, the group knew it was time for the trip to the Lava Castle.

            When it was midnight, they arrived at the Molten Gate. The group pulled on their lava-like costumes. They were black, with strips of blazing red coming to the center, forming a star. The outfits were so realistic, that even they fell for it! 

Snowflake, Sparklepaw, and Blizzard made it through to the castle, but now was the risky part. They had to go in without anyone catching them. The guards usually asked for an ID card or a metal armband, to show that they were the Flame Lynxes. That was the name for the flame pack. The snow tigers crouched low to the ground, then leapt up, up, up, until they circled the castle. Blizzard gave a thumbs-up, or in other words, a paw-up. In unison, the sisters flew in a straight line, then separated to cover the corners. A bubbling lava moat was underneath them. Queen Blizzard flew down and sprayed a gust of icy wind and snow from her mouth, also showing off her venom fangs, which she used to hit the ice, and melt it. Then, all the lava hardened. It attracted quite a lot of lynxes. “The distraction worked!” thought Blizzard. 

            Meanwhile, Snowflake left Sparklepaw guarding the grounds. She wandered around, trying to find the treasury. Snowflake then found an uneven set of bricks and tried to push them back. But to her surprise, when she pushed them, they opened up into a room! There were opals, emeralds, obsidians, jasper, empty ambers, and diamonds. But most importantly, her crystal ball was there! 

Snowflake reached for it, grabbed it, and launched into flight. Blizzard and Sparklepaw followed. They went to Queen Blizzard’s palace and Snowflake looked through the crystal ball. “I see that we all will have a good future, free of trouble. But there is one future that I can’t read. It is covered with dark red smoke. But just follow the good futures, and you will be alright.” So the group went back to their normal lives. 

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