Spring Writing Makes Great Summer Reading

I had a very busy and creative school year…so much so that blog posts have been few and far between. Now that we are graduating into summer, it is time to celebrate some of the wonderful writing that some of my students have completed. Their spring writing makes great summer reading!

This first story is by Daniel from my class at BL Education. A little something for all of you cat lovers out there.

About the author: Daniel was 9 and a quarter years old when he wrote this story. He likes to hang out with his friends and play. He loves cats so much that he owns a stuffie cat called Whiskers. He recently finished grade 3 and he will move on to grade 4. 

The Story of The Fortune Telling Cat (AKA Whiskers)

Part 1

One day, a cat that was named Whiskers was strolling around Cat Island. She had light grey fur. She wanted to tell people’s fortunes but didn’t know how. She wanted to figure it out so she went to a pro fortune teller to learn how to do fortune-telling. The fortune teller was a mysterious black cat wearing a hoodie. “Excuse me,” asked Whiskers.

“Yes?” replied the black cat mysteriously. 

“Can you teach me how to tell fortunes?” asked Whiskers.

“As you wish,” replied the black cat. “You need to collect the following item. The crystal ball. To obtain it, you must travel to Fishy Island. Once you collect it, you can return it to me.” 

Whiskers immediately figured out that Fishy Island was very near. So she grabbed a boat and rowed to Fishy Island. She found a suspicious yarn ball. She grabbed the item and went back to Cat Island and arrived at the mysterious fortune teller. “I’m back with the ball!!” Whiskers yelled. 

“Let me see,” said the fortune-teller. “It’s the one. Now you have to go get a scroll from the top of the mountain to learn fortune telling,” said the fortune-teller.

“But what about you?” Whiskers asked. 

”I’m just here to give ingredients. So now go learn the ways of fortune telling.”

Part 2

Whiskers eagerly climbed the mountain for the scroll. When she reached the top she saw a scroll on a pedestal. She grabbed it and went home. She read the scroll each day so she could improve her skills. Sometimes she invited her friends over to help and be test subjects. After 10 weeks and 1 month. Whiskers was ready. She set up a little table with a sign that said: “$1 for 1 fortune tell”. With that, she completed her quest even though it was a little bit short. But she still completed her quest, or did she? Just kidding. She finished it.

The End

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1 Response to Spring Writing Makes Great Summer Reading

  1. Good story. Adventure!

    Cheers, Angela Brown (604)649-1979


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