Happy New Year!

Well, it’s back to school day for many today! A perfect time to reflect on the many successful visits and residencies I had in 2015 before launching into the ones set for 2016! Let’s start with Kindergarten. I always say it takes a special person to teach Kindergarten. Someone with great patience, love, and laughter…a role model, a person who loves to read and can bring a story to life.

At Brockton, I worked with Ms. Richards. We used art, drama, storytelling and more to enhance her unit on how celebrations express the values and beliefs of a community. With a variety of props, costumes and festivals we learned about what connects us as people no matter where we are from. While I don’t have any photos to share, I do have stories of magical smiles and insightful questions.

Here’s what Ms. Richards had to say, “…with regards to Lori’s work, the children loved it! They looked forward to Lori coming with her magic box. Inside the box were always lots of props, dress up clothes, masks, etc. Lori did a “hands on” activity with the children every visit and through these experiences the kids were able to learn more about different celebrations around the world. Lori made the unit come alive! Is was a festive, active and unique experience for the children. They learned more about each other and how people around the globe can be united through celebrations. Lori’s work really supported the children being introduced to the attitudes of appreciation and tolerance.”

It really is true. Everything we need to know, we can learn in Kindergarten; appreciation and tolerance are words we can introduce even to the youngest of students!

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