The Pieces of Me Project

This year I am committed to sharing more classroom literacy projects.  This one, was completed successfully with Ms. Vanderham’s grade one class at Brockton and invited children to engage with music, dance, drama, written and visual art forms, challenging them to discover which ones they liked the most and which ones the found the most difficult.

The unit of study was “How We Express Ourselves” and students were asked to explore the very difficult and deep questions…who am I…what are my strengths…what makes me unique?  For the final project, students painted abstract personal art pieces, accompanied by written reflections. The written “puzzle piece” prompts were:
I like to express myself through…
I believe I am…
One of my strengths is…
I am interested in…
When completed, students presented their projects to the class.

Initially, each visit introduced a new art form with activities associated with them.  We learned about expression, extension and levels in drama and used our bodies, faces and voices to tell stories.  In dance, we learned about control, free movement, structured movement, created dance lines and dance sequences.  Musically we explored using our voices through song and the emotions songs can evoke as well as created rhythms and patterns with percussion instruments.  For visual art, we focused on painting and drawing and got really creative with watercolours, learning wet on wet, wet on dry and dry on dry techniques as we painted abstract backdrops that reflected our personalities.  Messy, messy, hands on fun!  I loved how each of the backdrops turned out differently.

To finish the project off, each student filled in 4 puzzle pieces that answered and illustrated the questions above and had a contemplative black and white photo taken of them.  These were all cut out and pieced together to create the Pieces of Me project which was proudly displayed in the hallway.  If I were a parent, I’d frame these and keep them forever!  This is a great project for adults to try as well!  Enjoy the pictures of the project below.  Thanks to ArtStarts for the grant that enabled me to work at Brockton!






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