Xwist Memin Kin

“I Want to Go Home” –Memories of Kamloops Residential School and Joeyaska Ranch

A new Book by: Mary Jane Joe (Elder Nk’xetko)

Today we celebrate the release of Mary Jane Joe’s (Nk’xetko’s) new book Xwist Memin Kin “I Want to Go Home” –Memories of Kamloops Residential School and Joeyaska Ranch published by Tellwell Talent.

I have had the pleasure and the privilege of working alongside Mary Jane, (Elder Nk’xetko), in many schools and communities. She has provided mentorship and inspiration for youth as part of the youthLEADarts and ARTCi teams. Much of her artwork hangs in my home. She made a healing quilt for me to give to my ailing aunt with a beautiful Coast Salish sun on it. As she created she infused the quilt with prayers for health, peace and happiness. I know my aunt was comforted and strengthened by the quilt itself and the intentions of resilience that were sewn into it. 

Mary Jane is a tender storyteller, her voice, when she speaks is like lavender for the soul, soothing and uplifting. Anyone could listen to her for hours. She speaks her truth honestly, even when the truth reveals deep hurts. 

Mary Jane Joe, author, Elder, educator and survivor.

In her touching memoir, Mary Jane shares personal memories of her days at Kamloops Residential School, and reveals how her family and their ancestral traditions helped her to find strength, resilience and confidence against dark odds. Reading it, you feel as if Mary Jane is sitting in the room with you, recounting her story in an intimate, one on one setting. Her voice is poetic, stirring, frank and powerful. 

Mary Jane’s book is for everyone: for people with knowledge of residential schools and for people seeking an understanding of them, for those who have found healing and for those still seeking it, for young readers and for elders. Her story is accessible. Her writing allows us the time and space to access our own feelings while she reveals hers. 

Mary Jane’s book captures a human experience, a historical experience and a highly personal experience in a way that can guide and inform all people on the road to truth and reconciliation. 

It is a powerful must read. 

You can purchase Xwist Memin Kin “I Want to Go Home” –Memories of Kamloops Residential School and Joeyaska Ranch at:


-as a Kindle,  Rakuten , Kobo or  Smashwords eBook or  at Indigo Books on Granville Street in Vancouver BC where you can order online for pick-up.

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with the author! Congratulations Nk’xetko! 

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