Symbols, Signs and Seals (not the kind in the ocean)

What if you dared go through a magical door into another land? What would lie on the other side? 

What if you came across a letter…the old fashioned kind sealed with wax? Where would you find it? What was written on the envelope? Was it addressed to you? 

Old manuscript isolated on white

What did the wax seal look like? Did it have symbols on it? A crest? Initials? What do you think these symbols mean? Do you dare open it? 

If you do, what does the letter say? Does it invite you somewhere? Present a mystery? Give you directions? A warning?

So many questions. Questions always lead to a good story, whether they be answered or unanswered. 

To fire up your creativity, why not make your own seal and use it as kindling for a new story or to extend one that you have already started? 

Seal stamp with crown icon stamp isolated on white background

Draw your seal first, selecting symbols to represent the sender. Simple symbols like crowns or trees are best for this craft. Then carve your symbol into a styrofoam plate to make a print template. Using coloured markers, colour the styrofoam. Note: brighter, vibrant colours work best. Yellow washes out, for example. Next, using a sponge, wet a piece of plain, white paper (do not leave puddles). Press and hold the coloured side of your styrofoam crest on the wet spot. When you remove it, you should see an impression of your crest. When dry, you can outline it in sharpie. You can use the template over and over again, using different colours each time. 

Here is a link to help you understand the art of printmaking with styrofoam.

Enjoy using art to inspire writing! You have my ‘seal’ of approval! 

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