Monster Menus! (Inspired by Roald Dahl)

I have always loved Roald Dahl’s sense of whimsy, fancy and fun! He took such liberties to create his own words and entertained us with heavy sprinklings of nonsense.

After reading parts of “The BFG” and creating a list of our own nonsense words, my students and I put our imaginations to work.

What kind of restaurant would a giant or monster go to? What kinds of things would be on the menu?

We looked at a few ‘unsavoury’ images for the menu covers and then, inspired by Roald Dahl’s whimsy, invented a restaurant full of appetizers, drinks, soups, salads, mains and desserts for giant clients!

One student created a menu for the: Trolly Bolly Restaurant where you can order an Oliymoly to start, a Blooduckel to drink, a Seaple for soup, and a Blaclsam for dessert.

If you opened a restaurant for giants or monsters, what would you put on the menu?

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