Fall Cleanup: Scary Mary’s Bewitching Plants: Poems and Pictures

Fall is one of my favourite seasons…colourful trees, pumpkins, wreaths, corn and sunflower mazes, hayrides, harvests…with just a little spooky (or sometimes a lot) thrown in for good measure. 

Scary Mary from “Hungry for Science: Poems to Crunch on” has been getting her garden ready for the season. 

For some outdoor education, why not go for a walk and observe the earthly changes around you? Maybe sketch or collect some and record them in a journal. Once back inside have a brainstorm session. Come up with a name then draw a new kind of plant that is growing and or ‘groaning’ in Scary Mary’s garden. 

Write a Botany Poem that describes these newly discovered creepy crawlers (what they look like, where they live, what they eat, what they smell like, why they are strange and wonderful etc.) and bewitch your readers!

Gnome Fungus: By Athena

Gnome Fungus never sleeps, but it really likes to eat!

What do they eat? They eat YOU complete!

Gnome fungus has eyes. It watches everything.

It sometimes even talks, but rarely ever sings.

Gnome fungus has spikes on its body.

Don’t dare touch it or you’ll have to go potty.

Gnome fungus can be red, brown, blue and yellow.

If you do touch it, it feels like jello.

You can buy Gnome Fungus and water it twice.

If you do this every day, it will be pretty nice.

The Deadly Dandelion: By Loretta

Don’t think of touching it or you will get stuck on it.

If you walk by it, you will get ‘dead’ by it.

If you don’t trust it, you will need to split it.

What did this deadly dandelion say?

It said it has spikes and it can bike!

It is beautiful and colourful.

It is wonderful, but also dreadful.

Get your copy of “Hungry for Science: Poems to Crunch on”, published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside at your local bookstore, library or on-line through amazon!

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