Poetry in Pantomime: But How do I Act Out a Sitting on a Tuffet?


Does anyone know what a tuffet is? I certainly had to look it up. A tuffet is a tuft of clump of something or a footstool or low seat. How Miss Muffet, in all of her petticoats sat comfortably on something so low to enjoy her curds and whey without spilling them is a mystery.

National Poetry Month is a perfect time to play with words. Poetry doesn’t have to be read, it can also be acted, interpreted, re-written and captured in photographs and videos!

So…why not try Poetry in Pantomime? It will take at least two participants, but you can do this live with your family or via zoom, facetime or skype!

Here’s how it works:

-Choose a poem, but do not share it with your partner. For example, Little Miss Muffet. Depending on your age, you can choose a much more difficult one. Look up any words you may not know, or have someone help you with this.

-When you are ready, act out your poem, line by line for a partner. You can also use drawings if you like. It helps to hold up a finger to indicate which line you are on.

-Your partner writes down a line of poetry for each line you ‘act out’.


-Switch roles. Now your partner acts and you write.

-Take some time to edit/revise/add to your poem, then read your poetry to your partner!

-As an extension, take photographs that ‘illustrate’ your poem or make a short video of you reading and acting out your new verse!

Have fun and share your experience below! How did your writing turn out?

Thanks to Stone Soup Newsletter for the ideas!


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