Celebrate National Poetry Month with…Ice Cream Poetry!

Today we kick off a WHOLE month celebrating poetry! It’s National Poetry Month!

Why not start with a party? Every party needs ice cream right?

Poetry and ice cream make a deliciously divine, decadent duo, especially when they invite alliteration to attend making it a tremendous trio!

Let’s get ready for the party.

Brainstorm some astonishingly amazing and even disgustingly dastardly ice cream flavours, then triple or quadruple scoop them on top of a cone (my preference has always been a waffle cone).

Check out the example below.


Draw your own five scooper, then label and colour your creation!

Share if you can, because, as you know, everyone screams for ice cream.

Then, and here’s the cherry on top, go to your own freezer and, if your parents let you, stack your own delicious treat and enjoy!

Hurry before your inspiration melts away!

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