A Harvest of Inspiration: Tales Found Abroad

I love travelling! It brings a change of scenery, a mix of new people, conversations, experiences and of course, inspiration that can fuel the details, conflicts and characters of stories both short and long.

I have just returned from a whirlwind trip to the United Kingdom which took us from Trafalgar and Piccadilly’s neon blinking, unevenly cobbled and vibrantly busy squares to thatched cottages and four poster beds down dark, quiet country lanes where we awoke to the cooing of morning doves and trays of home made jam and croissants and read Shakespeare and Shelley to one another.

It was my goal to find ‘aspects’ of a story or even a full story each day, to discover the fine details of setting, to expose myself to energies and artefacts that are not readily available ‘at home’.

My sensory bank is overflowing and there is an urgency, now that I am back to cash in on some of my experiences and find a venue for them. Where to begin? The various footsteps on the path below the bay window at our suite just off the shops on King’s Road in Chelsea? Some were slow and measured with a walking stick, others were more feverish, with a destination in mind and still others danced with the energy of a child walking one of the neighbourhood’s many wiener dogs. Should I begin with the tapestry of accents, the scent of a 400 year old pub? Should I describe the reflection in a London window, the taste of a Cornish pasty scalding out of the oven? Should I capture the feeling of being deep in the oak belly of Lord Nelson’s ship the Victory? Or reveal the conversations I had with a couple of young spirits in Harwell?

I didn’t have to look far for inspiration on this trip. England was a feast for all of my senses! All I had to do was look up, down and all around and most importantly…BOTH ways when I crossed the street. I’m sure they could tell I was Canadian by which way I chose to look first.

Stay tuned for more photos and blurbs in my autumn Harvest of Inspiration series! Leave a comment or share a story or a photo of what inspires you! Inspiration is a chain reaction!


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1 Response to A Harvest of Inspiration: Tales Found Abroad

  1. Norma M Charles says:

    Sounds as if you’re having a dream holiday, Lori. Thanks for sharing your observations.

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