You Need Space to Write Your Own Adventure

Have you heard that some authors, when writing, use different coloured sticky notes to plot out their stories? They jot down ideas then make a timeline all around their writing space. Imagine miles (or kilometres) of neon pink, yellow and orange squares snaking around the walls of your room!

Well, author Kris Yang had a similar experience when writing his choose your own adventure book called, “Triton’s Adventures in Minecraft”. Every week, he had to compose two different endings to his chapter, which then often branched out into two additional endings.

The only way to keep track of all of his plotlines was to print the drafts out and tape them together to see where they matched up and to make sure there were no holes or omissions. In the end, Kris’ story took up a lot of space, as it slowly spread across the room page by page.


It took at least a year to complete his book. Kris’ advice to other writers is, “If you would like to write a book like this be mentally ready because it is quite a challenge.”

Kris kept himself busy with a variety of other writing during his choose your own adventure project. He researched and wrote a poem for the Royal Canadian Legion’s poetry competition taking several weeks to carefully compose it. The result…his poem won first place in the Junior Poetry Division both municipally and regionally. It went on to compete at the provincial level where it fared very well.

His poem is featured below. Research, diligence, old photographs, patience, paper, sticky tape, rhyme zone and the thesaurus helped Kris to achieve being both a winning poet and author of a unique choose your own adventure book within the space of a year. The teaser for his newest novel is, in his own words, “About a kid who goes to a new boarding school where ‘stuff’ happens.”

Paying My Respects

By: Kris Yang

Bodies never found

Maybe buried in a mound

Three thousand five hundred ninety eight

Took the hand of fate

On the ridge at Vimy.

Trapped in no mans land

Our heroes could not withstand

Seven hundred thirty three cut clean

They died at the scene

Battling at The Somme.

Raiding from the sea

They were ordered not to flee

Five thousand fought on France’s shore

Witnessed too much gore

On the beach at Dieppe.

Each year for one day

Our heartfelt respects we pay

To the warriors who fell for us

Whose bravery we discuss

On Remembrance Day.

I wonder what I’d do

If I were twenty-two

And had to face a war

Do things I might deplore

To protect my home.

As the bagpipes play

I silently pray

For those who bore the pain

So Canada could attain

Safety, peace and hope.






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