Playful “Hungry for Science” Ideas for National Poetry Month!

It’s April and what better time to turn your thoughts to poetry as the cherry trees begin to blossom and people around the world experience an awakening as they sit, dreaming, their faces turned skyward under them. For my friends in Australia…well, you’ll have to wait a few more months…but enjoy the change in seasons all the same.


April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate why not read, write or engage your senses with the language and lyricism of haiku, cinquains, sonnets, free verse…the list is enormous. Why not take it one step further, publish your work and hold a poetry café for a few friends and family?

Recently, at my Spring Break Camps at the VSO School of Music in Vancouver, we had the opportunity to publish some “Hungry for Science: Poems to Munch on” inspired writing.

Our young authors read “An Elephant in the Classroom” and then built accordian books to take home. They wrote and illustrated their own stories or poems. The process is easy and the materials simple, the result…a class full of proud and creative students, with 100 different approaches as to how to get the elephant, unstuck.


Materials: Construction paper or paper that has a strong consistency


Glue sticks

Crayons, markers, pencil crayons, pencils, erasers

Link to how to make accordian books:

This is only one of the ways to make accordian books. My method is even simpler and has just a thicker paper cover, 8.5 by 11 paper folded in half (landscape style) and glued at the outer edges to create the accordian flaps. These papers are glued to the thicker paper cover and students write and illustrate inside. Extra hint, students can use a combination of collage and illustration to create pages in the book instead of just drawing them all.

This simple approach to publishing will have young writers and artists blossoming in no time!

For more details, give me a shout or send some samples of student publications, I am happy to highlight them!




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2 Responses to Playful “Hungry for Science” Ideas for National Poetry Month!

  1. You are such a good teacher.

    Cheers, Angela Brown (604)649-1979


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