Planting Creative Seeds with “Hungry For Science” and the VSO School of Music

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are the seeds of today.” Chinese proverb.

In one of the final days of Spring Break Camp at the VSO School of Music we gardened our minds and used our hands to create works of art for our windowsills.

Scary Mary, of “Scary Mary’s Garden Tour” fame made an appearance. The kids loved that her horticulture was a fun and colourful version of ‘horrific’ (thanks Peggy Collins) and wondered if they could also grow zombie faced roses!

We acted out the poem, becoming different kinds of sharp toothed plants in Scary Mary’s garden. We brainstormed symbols of gardening and drew them on the board. We talked about the children’s experiences in gardens and the importance of nurturing seeds and the things they need to grow.


On to art! Using some of the symbols that we brainstormed, students used acrylic paint to decorate plant pots. You could even tie a math lesson in here (patterns). They were left overnight to dry, then we loaded them full of soil and some ‘secret seeds’.  I didn’t tell them what kind of plant would grow (mountain flowers), only that they would have to take care of them and see what popped up!

Materials: Terra cotta plant pots with trays, seeds (preferably fast growing), acrylic paint, paint trays or paper plates (for mixing paints), various sized paint brushes, water, cups, paper towel, plastic table cloth, if possible paint bibs,

What creative ideas will you plant?





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