Day Three: Full STEAM Ahead: Hungry for Science Encourages Young Engineers!

It was day three at the VSO School of Music Spring Break Camp and it was jam packed with fun!


We read “A House Like That” by Kari-Lynn Winters. This poem in “Hungry for Science: Poems to Crunch on” really lends itself to movement, discovery, experimentation and building.

Beginning with some drama warm ups, we created different structures, such as the ones mentioned in the poem, using our bodies; a great activity for building teamwork and collaboration. We then used vocal sounds and body movements to build a machine incorporating elements of drama such as extension, expression and levels. See full set of instructions at:

A true highlight was building our own take home structures using common household and craft materials and of course, marshmallows. I loved watching how each student created something completely different! They were faced with all kinds of obstacles and questions that they had to work through themselves.

They had to name their creation, discuss its uses, make it freestanding, so pieces had to balance, think of symmetry and so much more. Each student did a presentation at the end, introducing their structure to the rest of the class.

You can make your own rules for this activity! It can be done in groups or as individuals. You can provide criteria such as you must have triangles in your structure or that each group/participant is given the same, limited amount of materials and must build from there.

Materials could include: modeling clay, toothpicks, marshmallows, Dixie cups, paper, wooden skewers or popsicle sticks, glue…


Enjoy the process! And try not to eat all of the marshmallows!

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