Hungry for Science Featured at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music

The science of sound and the lyricism of poetry are a great fit for young music lovers.

The VSO School of Music hosted full and half day exploratory arts camps for children this past week and I was one of the mentors!

I was part of a team of world-renowned performers and educators who were committed to keeping creativity and curiosity alive over Spring Break by designing a flexible arts camp for children in Kindergarten – Grade 3 with the VSO School of Music. Children explored the instruments and music of an orchestra in Sounds of the Symphony; relaxed and got centred in a Kids Yoga session; made foundational music skills fun in a Mini Music Makers session; learned about the science of sound through Storytelling; and heard what their voices were capable of with Singing Games.

Each of my sessions began with a reading from “Hungry for Science: Poems to Crunch on”. On day one we began by exploring the science of sound through movement. We read, “Hungry for Science”, “Ring Zing Pound” and “The SENSE-ational Brain”.

After learning the basics of drama and how to tell stories using their bodies with games like “Dance Party”, “Walk Like”, “Lead With” and “Step In/Step Out”, we built and played our own wind instruments. Everyone went home with their very own, custom designed kazoo!

Here’s a link to a video on how to make one out of elastic bands and popsicle sticks.

It was great to experiment with what happens when you force air hard though the instrument, what happens when you blow softly, to discuss sound vibrations and to find out how to make music (also known as noise in this case).

Stay tuned for more great “Hungry for Science: Poems to Crunch on” art and science ideas for your kids, yourself or your classroom! If you would like specific instructions on how to play the drama games, please contact me directly!


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