Book Birthdays Galore!

This fall launches some fabulous new student writing. Ivan Sun and Andrew Li, two spectacular young authors, both now in grade six, are well seasoned.

The novels they wrote feature time travelling characters who get wrapped up in mysteries and mayhem everywhere they go! Here is a sneak peak at their books and some insight into their process. I am proud to experience them grow as communicators, as creators and to see how their imaginations and passion for stories guide their writing.

As for this year…that page, er…novel is yet to be written. Stay tuned!


Interview With Award Winning World Class Author Andrew Li

Written by: Ivan Sun

What inspired you to make a sequel for The Adventures In the Magical Book?

A: I felt the story was not over yet and I wanted to write another book with the same characters so they could continue with their adventure.

What made you choose different settings for your characters to travel to?

A: I chose these specific settings because every one of these settings had something significant that tied up to the characters there. They had to achieve something interesting or challenging there.

Since you stuck with the same characters how did they change throughout the book?

A:  Honestly they did not change too much but in the first book they had already experienced traveling through time and knew how to handle problems but in this book they faced new and harder challenges that required the assistance of other characters.

Was coming up with new ideas for different eras hard?

A: Coming up with new ideas for different eras wasn’t very hard because I always have lots of ideas in my mind. When I plan for a different era I keep track of good ideas but it was tricky to choose one at the end for my final idea. This idea for the new era must fit in with new characters so that I can create a good set of problems.

In your opinion, what was the most interesting era you wrote about?

A: The most interesting era I wrote about was the last era known as the American Revolutionary period because this era was a really challenging setting for my characters to complete their duties. I was also very interested in the history and people of the time.


Questions for Ivan      Responses written by Andrew!!!!!

Q: What made you choose to create new characters?

A: Well, I wanted to make my story more exciting and I wanted to add a twist to the plot, so I could add tension to the story and a create a mystery about the disappearance of the original characters.

Q: What inspired you to write this book?

A: I really enjoyed writing novels; I mean books. I took writing this book as a challenge to try to make it better than the first book.

Q: What strategies did you use to make your writing more vivid?

A: I didn’t use strategies, I just simply used my imagination and sat down and finished writing the book chapter by chapter. I also substituted boring vocabulary for rich vocabulary.

Q: Which was your favourite part of the book?

A: My favourite part of my book was when I wrote the cliffhanger at the end of the story when they were in another parallel dimension. My favourite setting research wise was probably for the Underground Railway and for the first European settlements in Eastern Canada.

Q: After you wrote this book, did you feel like you could have done anything better in some places?

A: Yes, definitely, as a writer the more you write and the more experience you get, the better you become. Even if you consider me very good at writing, I will always have something to get better at and can never be perfect; that I believe.

Happy book birthday you two!




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