Hungry for Science is Here!!!!!

I love book birthdays!

It makes for an up kind of week with plenty of anticipation!

I was up every time I heard anything like a UPS truck approaching; up when my package finally arrived at the door and up when I took in Kari-Lynn Winters’ and my words paired with Peggy Collins’ vibrant illustrations in Hungry for Science Poems to Crunch On for the first time. Literally, I did a happy dance! Words, images and colours all leapt off the page!

IMG_0256 enhanced

There were more ups to come! On Canada Day I surprised my friends by showing them some hot off the presses copies of Hungry for Science and they surprised me with impromptu readings, performed in character voices that had us all in stitches.

My favourite moment was when one of my youngest friends, a book lover, sat beside me and ‘experienced’ “Scary Mary’s Garden” for the first time. He squealed and giggled and curled himself up in to a ball to escape Mary’s hissing plants as they photosynthesized. His delight and suspension of disbelief were contagious. The energetic words of the poem brought out his sense of play (and mine too) as he acted out some of its stanzas, jabbing and prodding as if he were one of Mary’s zombie faced hybrids.

IMG_0269 enhanced

So…if you need something to CRUNCH on this summer, if you have some budding scientists in your home, or are looking for ways to keep young readers HUNGRY for learning…then be one of the first to pick up a copy of Hungry for Science Poems to Crunch On by Kari-Lynn Winters and myself, Lori Sherritt-Fleming with illustrations by Peggy Collins,published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside.

You can purchase it, and its sister book, Hungry for Math Poems to Munch On in bookstores across North America as well as on Amazon or directly through Fitzhenry and Whiteside. It is LOADS of fun!

Thanks to Kristi Zahora for the great photos!!!!

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