Sink Your Teeth Into These New Books by the Fang Twins!

I am pleased to announce another book birthday!  Students Farrah and Lewis Fang are celebrating the launch of their newest books, “Farrah’s Magical Stories” and “The Great Dinosaur Robbery”.  Enjoy the interview below with these talented young authors!

Lewis Interviews Farrah

What idea made you write spy girls?

In my old school we made a spy club and we spied on people so that is where I got the idea.


What was the most difficult obstacle in your story Fairy Wish?


The most difficult obstacle in Ferry Wish was that Fern had to find a special key that opened a magical door.


Why did you decide to put more than one story in your book?


The book wasn’t long enough to be a novel with just one story in it.


What is the story you like the most in your book and why?


My two favourites are Spy Girls and Fairy Wish because I want to be a spy and fairies are one of my favourite things.


Why did you decide that your book should be fiction?


I do not like non-fiction and I like to use my imagination.


Do you like writing books?


I like writing books because I get to use my brain and I like the illustrating part because that is my favourite thing to do.


Farrah Interviews Lewis


What’s your favourite part of the story and why?


I like it when Sam the robber sits on a whoopee cushion because it sounds rude.


How did you get the idea of writing about dinosaurs?


I just think dinosaurs are cool.


Where did you get the characters names?


I got the names from books and from people at my old school.


What were the problems in your story?


Sam stealing the dinosaur and the adults and kids trying to find it.


Do you like being an author and why?


I like being an author because I get to make stories by myself I don’t like illustrating as much because it takes more time and I have to be neat.

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