Ivan and Andrew: Young Authors Launch Their Books!

ivan and andrew books

Interview With Author Ivan Sun

Written by: Andrew Li


What inspired you to write your book The Wonders of Time: Book One?

“Well what really inspired me was my passion for cars so I added a car, such as the Bugatti Veyron, for every place they went to and I chose places such as ancient Rome because first of all ancient Rome has a whole lot of history and also it has magnificent mind blowing structures such as the Colosseum.”

What was your favourite part of the book and why?

“Oh, my favourite part of the book was writing about Albert Einstein Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior who was evil. I liked how he fooled the characters into helping him to build evil robots to take over the world. I liked writing that part because Albert Einstein is a historical character and it was funny to make him evil.”

Why did you choose the following settings in your book:  Ancient Rome, the future on Mars and World War Two?

“Well I chose these places because they had a lot of historical meaning and then I chose the one in the future because it was really fun to imagine what it would be like in the future on different planets.   It was fun to let my imagination go wild.”

What did you find difficult while you were writing your book?

“What I found difficult was editing and paying attention and thinking of interesting ideas that would really hook the reader.  The best part of writing this book was inferring things about the past such as in Roman times and World War 2.  I liked using websites and books as research tools and to give me information.”


Interview With Andrew Li

Written by: Ivan Sun


What inspired you, Andrew, to write adventure stories and The Magical Book Part One?

“Natural events from the past such as the Titanic and different cultures from the past such as Vikings inspired me to write this book about two kids. They take this invention, this time machine, which is also a book, a magical book, and they have a great adventure where they meet the Vikings and feel what it is like to be on the Titanic just as it was sinking.”

What was the hardest barrier while writing your book?

“The hardest barrier…was coming up with ideas that would be great in a story and seeing if they worked or not. Editing was also challenging for me because when I write I usually check but it is hard for me to find mistakes.”

How did you come up with your characters?

“I have a very good friend at school. I just decided to add him into my story. My other character I called Michael. I just thought it was a pretty decent name so I chose that name.”

What did you feel when you received your book at the end?

“When I received the book I felt joy in my heart because I worked so hard to prepare for this book and I was writing for lots of hours and hours. I hope that people will really like the book.  I learned that if you work hard, great things will happen!”

Big congratulations to Ivan and Andrew on their newest books!  A year in the making!  Next year they want to write sequels!



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