Writing Canadian Identity:Biennale Workshops at General Currie

As part of our Big Ideas Biennale project at General Currie Elementary, grade 4-7 students have been asking big questions about who they are and who we are collectively as Canadians.

Using the many tools of a writer:  repetition, similes, metaphors, descriptive language, rhythm, rhyme, voice…we wrote together this week.  Some think that writers create in isolation, but these poems reflect discussion, collaboration and many voices celebrated in one piece.

Students took the poems they had written about themselves and their identities from a former class and selected their favourite lines.  They then moved to larger groups and, using those lines, wrote them on strips of paper, laying them out to create new poems, restructured slightly to reflect the theme of ‘us as a nation’.  As a finale, students performed the poems using tableau and spoken word.

Their work is mighty and moving, insightful and inspiring.  Only a couple of examples are featured here, but the creativity shown is worthy of being shared on a national and international level.  I did suggest we bring in the Prime Minister to hear them perform these.

It would be interesting to do this activity with students in other countries and explore the similarities and differences between voices across the globe.

I hope you are as inspired as I was!  dscn6098dscn6110dscn6109

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