Art Exploration: Learning From Kindergartens at Mitchell Elementary

dscn6074dscn6064dscn6061dscn6075Everything I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten. To play, to inquire, to engage, to listen, to share, to be open to new ideas, to get along with others and to create without borders or restrictions. I’ve been working with a group of K/1 students at Mitchell Elementary on a Vancouver Biennale Project
that explores identity.

While viewing and experiencing each other’s stories and traditions, we are developing an understanding of our commonalities and connection, thus building a healthier and more caring community. Last week we ‘played’ with colour and noted how it made us feel, what it made us think of and what it might mean in different places.

Students played some drama games and went to different sensory tables with different coloured objects on them and were invited to play with them.  Some made dragons under a red bathrobe, some pretended to be feeling fish scales on an ornament, some commented these remind me of jewelry that my mom wears.  Afterwards they wrote poems.  Below is a sample.  I am always so impressed that K’s and grade 1’s are so expressive with language.


Reminds me of swimming.

Makes me feel calm.  

Blue can mean sadness.

If I see it in the sky, I feel happy.

If I see it in the pool, I’m ready to play!


Ms. Lau did a particularly great exercise with them.  She put objects on a table, some connected, some not.  Then she shook the table.  The single ones broke or fell, while the connected ones stood or remained together.  The lesson, we are all stronger when we are connected.

This week we visited the Biennale installations: The Meeting by Wang Shugang and Human Structures by Jonathan Borofsky. What did we do? We played, we interacted, we ran, we touched, we ducked down and ran under things, stood on the shoulders of statues and discovered both the art in public places and the artists in ourselves.  We connected.  I look forward to exploring further the importance of connection, empathy, expression and understanding in the weeks to come!

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1 Response to Art Exploration: Learning From Kindergartens at Mitchell Elementary

  1. Katherine says:

    I love seeing the students connecting through a human phone line to bring the separated red figure from the biennale artwork Meeting back to the big circle where the other figures are. What a wonderful way to respond to connection and empathy.

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