How We Express Ourselves: An Overture of Student Highlights from Brockton

How do you express yourself?  Do you draw, write, dance, act, sing, paint, tell stories orally or digitally…?  Students at Brockton from K-Gr. 6 did all of the above throughout October and November in our residency together.  If I were to make up a new catch phrase for this amazing school, it would be: “Brockton:  Where Education is Inspiration”.  Students and teachers alike fuse creative expression, personal voice.learning and global sharing in all that they do.

Let’s journey to grade one for example.  We explored many different forms of visual art and painters.  In one class we used drama and movement to recreate some of the lines and shapes Picasso used in his paintings.  We then looked at some of his work and wrote poetry as a response to what we saw.  Here are two of the poems the class wrote collectively in response to “Bathing Girls” and one of Picasso’s portraits:

Bathing girls.

Having fun in the sun.

On a rocky beach.

On a sunny day at lunch.

To swim, to play and to relax.  



Sells flowers somewhere hot.

In spring, summer and fall.

To make people happy.  


Now on to grade two.  Students engaged in a play building process to learn the elements of a story and the elements of a fairy tale.  They all contributed to writing it and developing their own characters (characters such as The Flying Pig with Bacon Wings).  Parents helped to make their costumes and helped students to remember their lines.  The biggest challenge was narrowing down and incorporating so many creative ideas.  They performed it at an assembly for parents and peers with great confidence and a warm welcome.  They created the magical worlds of Brocktonia and Planet X and pitted good against evil.  What do you think happened in the end?  Look under Student Plays to find out!

I am grateful for having been a part of the Brockton family and for always being welcomed warmly and enthusiastically.  Watch the blog for additional highlights from the grade 5’s poetry unit in 2017.





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