Halloween Howlers: Poems From Brockton Grade 5 Students!

If you’re in the mood to have shivers run up and down your spine, then read on.

Halloween Screamers! Alliteration poems by grade 5 students at Brockton! I have just begun a full school residency at Brockton Preparatory School in North Vancouver. It is delightful to see how enthusiastic everyone is about writing, creating, taking risks and exploring their inner artists! Here is some Halloween themed work by grade 5’s in Ms. MacRae’s class.
Alliteration Poem: Screaming skeletons scare surrounding spectators!
See it Be it Poem: Deranged zombies.
Chasing Humans for flesh.
In a cemetery that had just been struck by lightning.
At 1:21 AM on Friday the 13th.
Because they were energized.
One of the visiting international Thai students was so excited he asked if he could do an illustration. It is featured below. Happy Halloween everyone and my inspiration spread like a zombie apocalypse!

Run for your life!

How to:  Alliteration Poems:

These short twister poems encourage similar beginning sounds (alliteration) and/or a repetition of vowel sounds (assonance.)


    • Choose a consonant and two vowels
    • Brainstorm words that have these combinations.
    • Using these words ask students to make a sentence. Then using these same words, create another sentence which follows the same theme.
    • Hold a twist-off.
  • Invite students to come to the front
  • Start a rhythm with the presenter
  • Ask the student to repeat their twister 3x
  • Vote to decide who best represented their work (e.g. no flubs, great pacing and meter, expression, and so forth.


Be It See It Poem:  This poem is based on an embodied scene. It uses diction to evoke an image or sensory experience.

Line 1: Who

Line 2: What

Line 3: Where

Line 4: When

Line 5: Why


  • Divide into groups.
  • Invite each group to create a tableaux (a pose or still picture) of a scene.
  • Ask the audience to read the tableaux. What do they see?
  • Create a list of strong sensory words,
  • Ask the students to translate an image into language.

Happy haunting everyone!


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