Happy Dance for Hungry for Math!

I am delighted to announce that “Hungry for Math:  Poems to Munch On” has been nominated for the Rainforest of Reading Award!  Thanks to Kari-Lynn Winters, Peggy Collins, Cheryl our editor, Fitzhenry and Whiteside and OneWorld Schoolhouse  Foundation  http://www.oneworldschoolhouse.org for the opportunity to share literacy with so many students in St. Lucia in March!

The RAINFOREST OF READING is a book festival featuring award-winning children’s books from Canada; it has planted roots in every primary school in Saint Lucia, Grenada, Montserrat and Nevis. It is the largest literacy initiative ever undertaken in a region still reeling from infrastructure damage caused by Hurricane Ivan (2006) and Hurricane Tomas (2010) and the economic impact of a global recession.

The three-week event will engage over 8,500 Grade 3, 4 and 5 students in over 100 primary schools in St. Lucia in March 2016.

OneWorld Schoolhouse Foundation introduced the festival in 2013 to strengthen reading interest levels among students in the Eastern Caribbean. We were inspired by the Forest of Reading®, and developed the festival in cooperation with the Ontario Library Association and Ministries of Education in the Caribbean.


Reading empowers children to picture a world of possibilities beyond the four walls of their classroom. “Imagine That!” – promotes literacy’s power to broaden a child’s sense of curiosity. Whimsical creatures with books encourage kids to explore the rich variety of stories that await them in the RAINFOREST OF READING.


Each student receives his/her own ‘Passport’. Its purpose is to enable readers to respond to the reading experience with words and pictures. Once all books have been read, teachers will collect their students’ votes for their favourite fiction and non-fiction books.

On March 15 and 18, Saint Lucia students, educators, principals, Rainforest of Reading volunteers and local sponsors will assemble to learn who will be the 2016 RAINFOREST OF READING Award winners.

Activities for the day-long celebration include various literacy-based activities and crafts. We will have an Author & Illustrator pavilion where readers can meet you and have their Passport autographed!

If y0u would like to support this amazing initiative, visit Find 52 St. Lucia or donate through CanadaHelps.org.


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