A Fall Harvest of Literary Celebrations This Weekend!

I have always loved the fall season with its colourful leaves, smoky bonfires, pumpkin patches, steaming soups and nippy days that smell of earth and harvest.  I eagerly watched for the first frost and traced my name in it on the windowpane.  I would search for frozen puddles on the way to school and slide across them or stomp on them to see if they would crack.

This weekend, the first weekend of fall is very special for writers, illustrators and celebrators of culture locally AND all across this great nation of ours.  Locally we celebrate WORD Vancouver (which kicks off today) and nationally Canada Culture Days (which kicks off on Friday).  I am proud to say that I am participating in both.

Friday, I am doing a hands on, fun filled workshop at the Brighhouse Branch of the Richmond Public Library from 4-5 pm with fellow author, storyteller and funny gal, Silvana Goldemberg.  ALL Canada Culture days are free events and family friendly.  Check out the kinds of events being celebrated near you at http://www.culturedays.ca.

Sunday, I am hosting two fantastic panels at the WORD Vancouver festival, also free and family friendly.  This festival features authors and illustrators doing public readings and workshops on their craft as well as some great entertainment.  Find out more at http://www.wordvancouver.ca.  The two CWILL BC panels I will be moderating are:  11:00 am Getting Started and Staying Motivated as a Published Children’s Book Author
Presented by CWILL BC. With D.R. Graham, Janet M. Whyte, Mark David Smith, and Aleesah Darlison. Moderated by Lori Sherritt-Fleming.
12:10 pm The Creative Process: Tips and Techniques for Mapping out Stories
Presented by CWILL BC. With Lee Edward Födi, Melanie Jackson, Lois Peterson, and Tiffany Stone. Moderated by Lori Sherritt-Fleming.

All will be in the Alma VanDusen Room at the VPL.  I can hardly wait to hear what my fellow authors and CWILL members have to say!  Watch for some action shots in a later post and make sure you get out and celebrate some good old Canadian culture this weekend!

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