A whirl wind of a fortnight as Summer at St. George’s! I’ve been running Book Publisher, a course where students write, illustrate, edit and publish their own book in two weeks! Students ages 7-9 wrote about everything from chess, to Minecraft, to stories about lost pets, spies and magic bracelets. Here are some of them showing off their book covers. Those who finished a little ahead of schedule, made, (ahem) merchandise to sell alongside their books (OK so I was biding my time and keeping them occupied while others finished,DSCN5522 DSCN5516 DSCN5514 DSCN5513 DSCN5512DSCN5518 but it worked!) Here are some of their brilliant ideas! We’re all set now to do it all again with a whole new group!  Feedback has been awesome with kids saying they will treasure their books forever!  Some have even come back year after year.  As one student, Ayaan put it, “When I learned about the book publishing camp this year, I immediately told my parents that this was a camp that I wanted to participate in.  After all, it’s not every day that a 9 year old gets to publish a book!”

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