The Reviews are Coming In! Here’s the Word on Hungry for Math!

Here are a few very professional reviews of “Hungry for Math:  Poems to Munch On” from a few astute critics.  Enjoy!

By:  Ivan S  Grade 2C

Hi.  My name is Ivan.  I am the first seven year old in the whole world to review Lori Sherritt-Fleming’s poem, “Soap Box First”.  “Soap Box First” is a catchy and fun poem.  It describes a soap box derby and tells you who is in first to fifth place.  All the cars had problems that cost them the derby except for the turquoise one.  Some of the cars lost their wheels and some flipped and squealed.  If you liked this short poem, you will really like the whole book, “Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On”.  Available in stores now!  Enjoy!

What I Think About Spendosaur

By:  Fred F, Grade 2, Queen Mary Elementary

I think the Spendosaur ate too much candy.  I see at least fifty different kinds of candy in the illustration.  Spendosaur has bought at least two gummy worms.  He spent all of his money.  He bought five gumdrops dipped in swampy slime.  He also bought five pickles.  They were dipped in chocolate.  He uses a nickel and a dime.  I wonder how much money he has in his dino bank.  I like this poem because I think it is funny.

By:  Jeffrey G, Grade 5

Are you looking for something new and different in your meals?  Then read “Hungry for Math:  Poems to Munch On” by Kari-Lynn Winters and Lori Sherritt-Fleming, with illustrations by Peggy Collins.  My favourite poem was “Soap Box First”.  It  was full of descriptive words such as, ‘smash,bang, thump and rumble, squeal’.

“Teacup Pups” was also a great poem because I love dogs.  The illustration of the Yorkie was funny because it is small compared to the other dogs and the Yorkie is standing up.

In the Spendosaur poem, it said that he bought a Gloppyplop.  I wonder what a Gloppyplop tastes like.  I also liked,”Move Around the Clock” because it has times with actions.  Some of the actions are funny such as ‘skitter, prance and squirm’.  I am looking forward to the second book.  Maybe they will call it “Hungrier for Math.”

Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On – Sal’s Fiction Addiction – February 25th 2015

Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On. Written by Kari-Lynn Winters and Lori Sherritt-Fleming, with illustrations by Peggy Collins. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2015. $ 18.95 ages 5 and up

“He was hungry for math, always ready to munch. Math for his breakfast, math for his lunch.

He’d pig out on pie charts and bar graphs galore, binge on skip-counting, and still ask for more.”

In their second poetic collaboration (following aRHYTHMetic, 2009), Ms. Winters and Ms. Sherritt- Fleming put the emphasis on math and number concepts that include shapes, patterns, counting, symmetry, estimating, and measuring time.

It’s full of fun with numbers and sure to please both teachers and their students with rousing rhythms and a connection to the math that is a part of everyday life. Patterns in the sounds of music, 2-D shapes seen everywhere we look, fifty rot-TEN dragons hiding in five groups of ten, and the symmetry in the shape of a bee are all incorporated into lively, rhythmic language sure to make enjoyable reading and learning in math class.

The Balanced Bee

Three circles, tall not wide. Six legs – three per side.

Two plus two wings, on its back. Bands of yellow, white and black. Compound eyes to spy the view. Antennae, not one – always two. Now fold your paper.

It’s plain to see. Bees are balanced. It’s symmetry!”

So, fire up the math and get munching.

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