World Read Aloud Day is Next Week. Who Will You Read To?

Wednesday, March 4th is World Read Aloud Day.  Myself, along with other CWILL BC members will be sharing our passion for literacy and our joy for reading as some special BC events.  BC is one of the few provinces in Canada organizing events with professional writers and illustrators for this celebration that highlights everyone’s right to learn to read and to have access to literature.  I’ll be at Christianne’s Lyceum with Tiffany Stone, Dan Bar-el, Duane Lawrence, Cindy Heinrichs, Suzanne De Montigny and Janet Whyte and at the Richmond Public Library with Sheri Radford, Silvana Goldemberg and Rie Charles.

See the information below and take this opportunity to come out and read aloud with some awesome authors!

Everybody Read!  A World Read Aloud Day Celebration of Reading and Writing with BC Authors

Wrad poster jpg2015 11x17 2015

Morning:  10:30-11:30 Count with Spendosaur, search for rot-TEN Dragons, attend Penelope’s Preposterous Birthday Party or cover your ears as she lets out a humungous burp!  Join children’s authors Lori Sherritt-Fleming and Sheri Radford in this playful read aloud session.  Expect to sing, dance, act, roar and create your own characters using 2-D shapes with these dynamic CWILL BC authors in Richmond’s first World Read Aloud Day celebration. Free.  Ages Pre-school to grade two.

4-5pm:  Join four extraordinary and award winning BC authors, Lori Sherritt-Fleming, Sheri Radford, Rie Charles and Silvana Goldemberg in Richmond’s first World Read Aloud Day celebrations!  In this energetic session, write and publish WRAD themed strip poetry, discover what it is like to not be just another princess, what a world without dragons is like as well as meet Justin Case, a kid who is ready for just about anything! These four CWILL BC authors will read and share insight into their stories and how they got published. Free family event for all ages.

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