Another Fabulous Story From Henderson Annex


I am very proud to share Muniat’s story of The Dragon’s Tear.  She is a grade five student at Henderson Annex and wrote this as part of our after school writing course.  What great details!  

Part 1 The Dragon’s Tear

By: Muniat, Grade Five.  


Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Sammy (Sam for short.) Sam lived on the coast of Cresent Beach. One day, while he was walking on the beach, he spotted something shining and shimmering on the sand. Assuming it was a pearl, Sam ran over to where it was. Gently, he picked it up and brushed it off.

But it wasn’t a pearl! It was a crystal tear drop and a golden scale. The scale was too big to be a fish scale or a lizard scale. Maybe it was a snake scale?

Just as he was about to leave, he noticed there was also something that appeared to be a scroll buried in the sand. He picked it up and read through an amazing legend about a dragon whose golden scales returned youth, and crystal teardrops made it possible for a human in the modern world to see the old magic but only if they believed.

Sam was amazed by what he read. It took sometime for it to get processed through his mind but when it did, he took a step back and looked through the teardrop. There he saw the wise old wizard, and the dragon.

(In the crystal teardrop)
“O wise old wizard who is my protecter, guide, and friend,” chanted the golden dragon, “I have one question to ask thee.”

“Yes of course my loyal companion” replied the wise old wizard.

“Why have we been sitting upon the mountain tops for as long as civilization?” asked the dragon.

“We have been up here for a long time haven’t we?”replied the wizard,”But I am quite sure we haven’t been here that long.  One day we will go back.  That will also be the day,man stops being so greedy and foolish.”

(Back in the present)
After listening to that, he quickly grabbed all the essentials, and left.

Part 2
Sam thought about the scenery around the wizard and the dragon. He remembered that he had once seen a photo of, and did a project on it. He remembered it because the mountain was snapped like a bird. Being 18 years old, he was able to fly to Austria and start the journey through the forest. He took a beautiful patterned box with him. He kept the golden scale and teardrop in it.

Not long after he got to the base of the mountain. He looked through the teardrop, but the scene looked different. For one thing, there was a waterfall. Sam started to walk around the mountain. Soon Sam got tired and sat down on a rock. When he sat down, a waterfall started to rush down! Because Sam was so exhausted, he decided to take a short drink. The water was sweet! He thought about getting went. Sam went through the falls and was in a new world!

When Sam entered the falls, he saw from the entry a beautiful willow tree. At the top, it shimmered and shined. And at the tips off the leaves, diamonds hung down. At the base of the tree, an old man sat on a rock slowly petting a large golden dragon. The old man was wearing a silk blue robe, had a long neatly combed beard, and a sparkly tanned complexion. He also looked very familiar…

Then the old man spoke, “I must see a piece of evidence of your acquaintance.”

At first, Sam didn’t know what the old man was talking about. Then Sam realized, he was talking about the teardrop, golden scale, and scroll. He took out the beautiful engraved box and handed it to the wizard. As the wizard started to open it Sammy spoke, “O wise old wizard, I am here to take your place so that you may rest in peace.”

After a bright flashing light, the wizard was gone and in his place was Sammy. You see, the scroll basically said that he had to find the wise old wizard and take over his soul before the wizard died. If the wizard died, there would be no protector for the dragon. If that happened, there would be chaos.

So they switched bodies. The wizard went back to Cresent beach as Sammy, and Sammy stayed with the dragon as the wizard until the next person arrives to switch with Sam. Will it be you?….

❤️ The End ❤️


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