The Dragon’s Tear (Warning…this is so good it may make you cry)

The students at Henderson Annex have been evolving as writers, getting better and better every session.  I selected a few students to share their imaginative stories with us here.  Today, enjoy reading Mansib’s tale.  The inspiration for this story came from a storytelling session where I brought in a dragon’s tear and golden scale that had been gifted to me.  Those who possess a tear can look into it and see the magic around them.  

The Dragon’s Tear

Once upon a time . There was a legendary dragon hidden somewhere or trapped inside a crystal that was almost as big as a precious tear drop . There was this odd wizard who was very cruel and evil . This wizard was torturing this legendary dragon that brought good luck and had been trapped in this very large tear drop .

The wizard turned his wand into a cleaver and “Chop!” The nasty wizard chopped off a whole piece of one his scales . Then the dragon blew steam out of his nose in frustration and anger , but the wizard collected the steam and merged it onto a string and used that to attach it all together . But suddenly a big gust of wind came and it flew away from the wizard’s hand . Then the wizard disappeared .

Into the future we go …. The odd, cruel and evil wizard is at his home making galactic potions and machinery trying to find the dragon …. Meanwhile we go to the scenery of the poor/sad dragon . The enchanted dragon was still trapped but he did land somewhere . The dragon landed on a very calming beach. The breeze and the ocean waves were very calming . It was a very peaceful and soothing beach. The dragon didn’t feel too bad because it was a very nice view and he felt calm .

Then one day a boy found the enchanted/legendary dragon . The boy saw something was trapped but he didn’t know what it was. So he put the tear into his sand castle . But the tear started floating in circles around the sand castle !!!! It was majestic !!!! Then the dragon started to glow !!!! The dragon was back the boy saved him !!!!

The dragon thanked the boy. The dragon told the boy that he had been captured by a cruel and odd wizard . The wizard was cruel by trapping a magnificent dragon , and by being odd.  He had forgotten that it is illegal to trap a legendary dragon. After the dragon said that, he was amazed !!!! Immediately they took off to look for the wizard . The legendary/enchanted dragon and the boy found the wizard home in the forest .

Knock , knock , time for a BATTLE!!!!

The wizard appeared out of nowhere …. The wizard seemed surprised . To start off the battle the wizard shot a dust spell with his wand but the epic dragon stopped it with his tail force field . Then the dragon was about to hit but suddenly the wizard moved his wand (shake,shake) and he disappeared !!!! The epic dragon had had enough of his jokes so the legendary/enchanted dragon blew the cruel/odd wizard down. But suddenly the police/cops arrived and took the cruel/odd wizard to court to pay a fine . Capturing a legendary/enchanted dragon was illegal !!!!

Eventually all of them became friends (somehow) and they lived happily ever after.

THE END !!!!
By: Mansib Grade 4

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