Pensee Poems by Grade 1-3’s (these are hard!)

Here is a selection of pensee poems (Line one has 2 syllables and features the subject, line two has 4 syllables and gives a description of the subject, line three gives an action and has 7 syllables, line four is about the setting and has 8 syllables and line five is your final thought on the subject and has 6 syllables)  

Grade 1-3 after school writing program students wrote these to learn about syllables and themes when writing.  Here is a celebration of some of their work!

By:  Ashveen


Pretty flowers.

Birds are very beautiful.

Nature is everywhere outside.

Nature is high mountains.


By:  Rishita


Pretty flowers.

Flowers are always growing.

They grow in your pleasant garden.

Flowers are beautiful.


By: Sehej


Friends are playing.

Passing and kicking footballs.

They are playing on the field.

We are feeling happy.


By:  Teran


Play together!

Play basketball with my friends!

We play on the basketball court.

Basketball is the best!  

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