Experiments and Acrostics

Here are a couple more star selections from the primary and intermediate writing classes at Henderson Annex as our classes wind down for the summer.  Keep up the great writing everyone!  


By:  Harkirat

Playland is fun

Lines are long

And Playland is big

You can go on lots of rides

Like to eat hot dogs there

And play games

New rides

Don’t want to go home. 



BY:  Danny

I am a Flame Storm Sorcerer.  I think my potion will make a person blast fire balls but will not set them on fire or burn them.  To make the potion you will need:  100 Flame Storm Dragon scales, 2 Troll Dragon scales, 100 winged worm flies and 3 Earthquake Snake Snares.  

I put all of the materials together.  All of them merged, then, ‘POOF!’  Smoke came out and a symbol appeared.  

My potion worked!  It also made me fly!  



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