McBride Annex Authors Pen Stories About Messy Kitchens!

Last week, I had so much fun visiting McBride Annex in Vancouver.  Thanks to ING Direct and volunteers Robyn and Adrien, and the workshop they sponsored in Ms. Ko’s grade 2/3 class, we acted out scenes from aRHYTHMetic and then used them to inspire some very messy writing (I mean that in a good way).  We were delighted to see how students used descriptive language, rhyme, similes as well as had strong story starters and exceptional endings.

Here are a few samples that we read as part of my author visit following the workshop.  Bravo to all!

The Dragon’s Messy Kitchen

By Lily M.

There is spaghetti on the wall and jello in the hall.  Oh my gosh!  The dragons are launching tomatoes too!  What will happen next?  Maybe they will squirt some mustard on the wall and then shatter pans.  Who will clean it all up?

The Dragon’s Messy Kitchen

By:  Lily K

A little baby dragon wandered too far.  He had humungous cereal boxes on his tiny back.  Nineteen dragons slurped up nine overflowing pots.  Jello splattered everywhere!  Fifteen dragons were tossing tomatoes at a pot where fifteen more dragons were hiding.  Twenty five dragons were jumping on the cat trying to reach the chandelier.  There was ketchup on nineteen dragons and mustard on nineteen more!  A dragon fell off of a flying tomato and landed on her back.  Another dragon quickly dodged flying glass.  What will happen when the humans get home?

By:  Jericho

All of the dishes were scattered around the kitchen floor.  The dragons stepped on the dishes and they said, “Ouch!”

By:  Naman

The dragons were squirting mustard on the wall, making mustard graffiti.  They were making self-portraits of themselves.  The baby dragons were making a bath tub by overflowing the kitchen sink.  One dragon knocked over a flower pot and some badgers came in and ate the worms that were in the dirt.

By:  Miranda

Eight little dragons were tossing jello on the wall and six were breaking dishes.  The pot overflowed and when I walked in, what do you think I saw?  Jello on the wall and my special dishes were broken!  The window was broken too.  Oh no!  What ever am I going to do?

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