Some Outstanding Authors

The intermediate class at Henderson Annex is well on their way to recording their podcasts which feature hosts, questions, readings from the Annex Authors and more.  Here are a few awesome contributors!

By:  Savleen

Hi.  I am Beck Oliver.  Today, I want to take my time and tell you about my crazy experiment.  I gathered some sea minerals, a gryphon’s feather, lava ashes and water filled pebbles.  I put them in a science kit that I got last summer and added them carefully.

“Boom!” went the sea minerals.  “Kaboosh!” went the gryphon’s feather.  Drop by drop, everything else got added as well.  

 I waited a bit.  Nothing happened for 5 minutes.  Then it started to boil and bubbles began to form and it all exploded!  

I tried again.  I realized I had forgotten the special ingredient.  Ice cubes.  I added the ice and guess what?  Miracles began to work!  

The Secret Message

By:  Vanessa

A long time ago, in the ancient years, a girl named Carolina was buying groceries at the grocery store.  While she was walking home, she waited for the traffic, walked on the street where she saw the walking sign and bolted straight to her house.  She had an important mission that needed to be done today for her master, Maria.  Her mission was to find a secret message in the Hall of Wonders, which was a place hidden very well in the night.  

While Carolina was putting her groceries away, her mailbox flap opened and two letters dropped in.  Carolina dashed over to pick them up and see what was in them.  She opened the pink envelope first.  Inside there was a piece of paper and a magnifying glass.

 “I wonder why this was in the envelope?” Carolina said.

She looked at the piece of paper.  It had the runic alphabet on it.  ‘Interesting,’ thought Carolina.  Then she opened up the white envelope.  It contained a secret message.  

“What does this mean?” Carolina asked herself, “and what does the runic alphabet have to do with this secret message?”  Carolina was so confused that she wanted to go on the mission right away.  She grabbed a map, went straight to the gate and stopped.

Carolina fiddled around as she tried to figure out the code.  Carolina translated the message written in the runic alphabet, opened the gate and went to search for where her mission would begin.  

While she was running to the Doom Tower, she found a bench where she could sit and try to figure out the secret message.  It took her a while as some of the symbols looked similar.  After she was done, she saw it said, BEWARE!  SOON YOU WILL HAVE TO DEFEAT THE MASTER OF DOOM, BRENDA.  

She remembered that she was supposed to go to the Hall of Wonders, but that she was actually heading to the Doom Tower, so she turned around and scurried to the Hall.  When she approached the entrance, a piece of paper suddenly fell out.  “The secret message…” whispered Carolina.  

Then she read it.  Carolina quickly folded up the paper, dashed into the entrance and went to find Brenda.  

When she took a step onto the platform, a voice boomed, “WHO ENTERS THE HALL OF WONDERS?”  

Carolina knew who it was so she said, “It is Carolina.”  

After a moment, a tall lady with curly navy hair stepped out.  “Who are you?” she asked coldly.  

“I am a mortal, but I know how to use powers and read secret messages,” replied Carolina.

“Ahh.  Then I believe you are looking for something here,” said Brenda.  

“What do you think it is?” asked Carolina.

“Are you trying to trick me?” asked Brenda suspiciously, “because I am one of the most powerful masters in the whole world.”

Carolina hesitated for a moment.  She had to tell the truth, so she said, “Yes.”


“I can kill you anyway!” Carolina protested.

“Very well.  I, the Master of Doom will bring you to my fighting basement,” Brenda said.  In a flurry of dark magic, they were swept away.  

When they got to Brenda’s fighting basement, she was already set for the battle.  ‘Now’s the right time,’ Carolina thought, ‘I don’t know what to say, but I will say a spell that could kill evil people.’  Carolina pulled out the piece of paper, but before she could say the spell, Brenda spotted it out of the corner of her eye.  

“GIVE ME THAT!” screeched Brenda, making a quick snatch for it.

“I’ll never give it to you!” shouted Carolina helplessly.  Brenda kept trying to grab the paper, but kept missing it.  Carolina chanted, “IN THIS WORLD OF THE MASTER DOOM…SACRIFICE THIS MASTER OF DOOM!”  

When Brenda’s last grab came, she almost got the piece of paper, but POOF she fell to the floor.  

Carolina had closed her eyes, but now she opened them.  She panted, “I did it!”  She caught her breath.  “I defeated her!”

Carolina ran home and started to write her letter to Master Maria.  

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