Magical Creatures and Mega-Monsters

DSCN0444DSCN0442Magical Creatures and Mega-Monsters

Last week we worked collectively to create Magical Creatures and Mega-Monsters. Without ‘seeing’ what the first student had drawn (the head), a second student drew in a torso and a third, the legs and feet of the creatures. We ended up with a lot of different creatures to tame. The writing segment involved coming up with a story about having to ‘train’ the creature to live with you. Note to teachers: Preface this activity with the fact that this is ‘collective’ and that drawing the creature’s head does not mean that you have control over the rest of the body. It is for fun and surprise, not perfection. If there were going to be tears, though, I offered those sensitive students the opportunity to draw all 3 segments of their own creature once they had participated in the collective segment.

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