“Bek-Boom-Bam”…When Writing Explodes

Here is some stellar and explosive writing from some of the primary students at Henderson Annex.  We wrote this after using drama to build crazy and noisy machines in groups with our bodies.  For K-3 students, this is explosively good!  

By:  David

It all started with a machine that made us ice cream every day.  He was so nice and his name was the GREAT Ice Cream Machine.  When he was working, he sounded like this, “Bek-boom-bam!  Bek-boom-bam!”  He was made out of metal and looked like a sword.  I said nice things to him to make him work.  Sometimes, if it was a really hot day and he had to work extra hard, he got out of control and sounded like this, “SSS-bam!  SSS-bam!”.


The Invincible Doom Boom

By:  Aneesh

“Beep, beep, chk, poof, EEE, dee, doh,” and “swish, pop, tun, tun, tun, tt, DVD bebe, Grr.” I turned on my machine by saying the password, “421 Boom.”  It was successful.

I had tried to make a very different machine but it had turned out this way.  It was so high-tech that it gave itself its own name, the Invisible Doom Boom.  

If it ever got out of control, this is what would happen.  It would say, “Self destruct in 3-2-1.  Warning.  Warning.  Nuclear explosion may occur.  Warning.  Warning. I need money.  Money.  Tik-tok. Tik-tok. BOOM!”  Then my wonderful machine made out of hydrogen, water and bones would be destroyed.  

The Doom Boom looked like an athletic horse with evil eyes.  It had the wings of a Bald Eagle.  I had worked so hard on it, and it worked hard too.  One day, it started to self-destruct.

“No!  This can’t happen!  I’ll have to stop this!” I cried.  I said the password and pulled the bad wires out of it and it worked!  It did not self-destruct!  Soon after that I became world famous for inventing the truly invincible Doom Boom Machine.  

Illustration of the Great Cupcake Machine by Rishita


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