Invisible Ink and Secret Messages

Nithila, from grade 4 is the star writer this week (though there were so many awesome stories written by Henderson Annex Intermediate students it was very hard to choose just one).  Our writing inspiration came from an activity where we studied the Runic Alphabet and students devised and wrote secret Runic messages in invisible ink.  It was really made using lemon juice, toothpicks and a hot iron, but in our imaginations, these messages came from mysterious places and took us on remarkable adventures.  Here’s Nithila’s story:


I stared at the paper and I saw nothing at first, but before I could blink, a burning fire shone above it and revealed a bunch of strange letters.  The fire quickly spread to me and when my whole body was engulfed, I disappeared and landed in a magical place, surrounded by sparkles.  The paper was still in my hands.  I hid it so no one could steal it in case it was important.  

“You are supposed to be at Pensa Hotel.  I’m the messenger,” a lady said.  I followed her.  “Right here,” she said.  

I went in and got a room number and a key.  I went into my room.  It was filled with art pieces.  I then closed the curtains and checked to see if there were any hidden cameras, but there were none.  I quickly looked at the paper and tried to break the code.  *#<< means, GO TO ROSA TEMPLE.  //\\==00 means, AT TWELVE PM.  !!@@m/ means TOMORROW.  

I did what I was told on the next day.  I walked around and then a quick shadow passed me.  I looked in my hand, and I was holding a new paper.  It said:  GO TO THE MUSEUM.  BRING ME THE DIAMOND.   SIGNED:  THE LORD.  

I felt like this was probably a bad idea and that the person who had given me the paper was a bad character, so I devised a plan…

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1 Response to Invisible Ink and Secret Messages

  1. Very Intriguing story 🙂
    Great Adventure!!

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