The Joogly Moogly

We have started a new, packed beyond capacity after school residency at Henderson Annex.  The theme this time is magic.  Here is a piece of magical writing from Unjali inspired by designing, building and charging up some magical wands.

The Joogly Moogly was found in the Queen’s palace behind her bed in a deep, dark, corner.  The Joogly Moogly was covered in diamonds and pearls from the Queen’s gigantic oyster bowl in her bedroom.  There were also crystals dangling back and forth on it, like a beautiful, sparkling chandelier.  

When I picked it up gently and carefully, I started to move it in circles. As I started to shake it, the wind around me started to swirl faster and faster.   I pointed it at the Queen’s bed and it turned into a giant ice cream sandwich!  I shook it again and I turned her royal couch into a bright, orange popsicle!  Within ten minutes I had turned the whole royal suite into a room full of tasty snacks.  I figured out that the wand could only turn things into food.  

I packed the Joogly Moogly away and from that day on, only kept it for yummy emergencies.  

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