When Imagination Strikes!

Mrs. Sunnus’ class, after pretending to be Messy Dragons and acting out scenes where they became dragons pinned to the kitchen walls with red jello, dragons swimming in dirty dish water and dragons bouncing apples off the floor, did some extremely expressive creative writing.  I was doubly delighted to see that Mrs. Sunnus was going to take this activity further and have students continue and edit their writing as well as apply some of the writing challenges that were issued later during the presentation.  Here are a few pieces of sample writing:

Lola:  The dragons were riding the dog in the kitchen and spilling milk on the floor.  They were tipping the garbage over and eating rotten tomatoes.  The dragons didn’t care when they saw that the dog was in the chocolate chip bag, they just kept cracking rotten eggs on the floor.  They opened the window and let in some hungry raccoons while they continued to dive into jam jars and swim in the sink.  

Noam:  There was spaghetti on the wall.  Jello flew through the room.  Soup had spilled on the floor and the dragons were playing slip and slide in it.  

Aki:  The dragons were playing golf with the tomatoes and bananas.  There was flour everywhere and the dragons were pretending to be ghosts.  The dragons took spoons and pans and banged them together making loud crashes while they yelled, “IT’S PARTY TIME!!!”  But if you see this kitchen, please don’t stop the dragons because if you do, all the mess that they made will be blamed on YOU!.  

Hooray for our young writers, supportive teachers and volunteers who help us to have fun while developing our writing skills!  Great work everyone!  

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