Gifts Given by Ms. Hanlon’s Grade Two Class At Brockton Preparatory School

I just finished a 6 visit residency at Brockton Preparatory School where I had the pleasure of working with Ms Hanlon and her energetic, creative and dramatically expressive class.  To explore a unit on elements of a fable, we began with oral storytelling.  We were going to do a retelling of a familiar fable when we actually discovered it was a myth!  Instead of a retelling, the students wrote their own…it involved talking animals from all over the world, a moral, “if we put our heads together, we can find a solution every time”, a problem, lessons learned and much more!  It was called The Meteoric Solution and playfully solved the problem of what happened when a meteor landed at the animal’s international storytelling festivities and dammed up the river, stopping the flow of water to their party and  possibly threatening their habitat.  The students created a play and will be performing it at International Day Celebrations at Brockton on March 10th.  They gave me so many gifts, but the best was the e-mail that they all sent this morning.  It is copied below.  They made me their ‘star’.  

This week’s Grade 2 Star Brocktonite is:  Ms. Lori Sherritt-Fleming, our visiting author in residence.

You are a star because you told us how to use our voice properly (voice, clarity and expression).  You are as nice as a bunny and you are as funny as a joke book (Rowan).  You helped us write a class fable.  You are wiser about stories than an owl (Brandon).  You were great at teaching us Meteoric Solutions.  I love the way you move and you can perform in front of the whole wide world.  You are like my inspiration (Nora).  You are the best Ms. Lori.  You are kind, caring and sweet.  You smell like a flower and were a huge help (Kara).  You are good at drama.  You taught us level.  You helped us rehearse (Cooper).  Our fable would have been a mess without you.  I won’t forget this….am I in the right place? do I have enough space? can they see my face? (Jacob)
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