Scene Three: How The Northern Lights Came to Be…

After acting out interviews between their favourite characters and exploring how they might bring some light to the Arctic’s midnight skies, here is another segment of the play that the primary students are writing.  Writing today features:  Pravnoor, Marvin, Arshveer, Harnoor, Aneesh, Jayden and Margaret with selections from Gurtaj Jo. and Eshaan coming soon.  

Narrator 6:  One day, they were all talking about how they could change this.  They were so loud that Polee and Jan appeared and growled, “Why are you guys talking so loudly?  We’re trying to catch fish.” 


All:  “We’re trying to figure out who has the best idea for bringing more light to our dark season,” all the animals said together. 


Neffi the Narwhal:  “Yeah, because how can we find food in the dark?  How can we find light?  How can we find our dads?  How can we run in the dark?  How can… “ 


Narrator:  Polee and Jan stopped all of the questions and listened to their ideas.   Lynx was first. 


Lynx:  We could use my ferocious muscles and then I will get an iceberg and everyone will climb on it.  We should be able to reach the sky and paint a rainbow across it!


Penguin:  I could get some glow in the dark sticks and use them to see in the dark!


Beluga:  I will put everyone on my back and I’ll jump high out of the water and you can paint the sky!


Fox:  Yes!  What colours should we use?  I know!  Red, yellow and green! 


Narrator: And so they began to paint the sky. 

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