How The Northern Lights Came to Be…Part Two

The primary students have some stunning ideas for their characters and their story.  Using ideas from ALL of their submissions, here are the second and third scenes in our play, where we meet the characters and find out what the problem is.  We still have a few details to fill in.  Any suggestions?  Enjoy!  


Narrator 2:  Meet some of our characters! 

Here’s Yowee the Penguin who has just bought a new hat.  Isn’t it awesome?

Here’s Polee the Polar Bear who likes to swim and catch Molee fish, and little Jan the Polar Bear, who likes to follow Polee around. 

Here’s ____________________________ a sly and hungry Arctic fox and his friend ________________________the Lynx.

I can’t forget some of the biggest characters around.  Meet ____________________________________ the Beluga whale and _______________________________ the Narwhal. 


(CHIMES SOUND)  Hey, did you hear that?  (CHIMES SOUND AGAIN AND SPIRIT FLIES BY)  Oh yeah.  Those are the Northern Spirits.  They’re pretty important to our story too. 



Narrator 3:  Once upon a time, in the Arctic, there lived many famous creatures.  Beluga Whale and Narwhal liked to play together.  Beluga liked Narwhal because Narwhal could pick up big things with his horn, could play hide and seek with him and watch him jump. 


The curious lynx liked to hunt with the wise Arctic fox. 


Yowee the penguin liked to__________________________________________


All of the Arctic creatures had ONE BIG PROBLEM THOUGH.  They could only do what they loved for part of the year, because for the other part of the year, the Arctic was in darkness 24 hours a day and you could only see things briefly by the light of the shooting stars. 


One day, they were all talking about how they could change this.  They were so loud that Polee and Jan appeared and growled, “Why are you guys talking so loudly?  We’re trying to catch fish.” 


“We’re trying to figure out who has the best idea for bringing more light to our dark season,” all the animals said together.  Polee and Jan listened to their ideas.   

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