Lost and Found


The Henderson Annex Intermediates took their creativity in some amazing directions.  While only given a simple template with the 5 W’s and asked to fill in sensory details, they came back with astounding pieces of writing that used rhythm, rhyme as well as included the elements of a story.  Here are a few samples:  

Lost Little Girl 

By: Anna

Lost in the forest,

so creeped out at night,

got distracted by an owl,

and my mom went out of sight.

Scared and frightened, don’t know what to do,

I think I even stepped in goo!

Need to go back to my family and friends,

I need to wear new fashion trends.

Oh my gosh, I think I see someone!

Oh good, phew, it’s my mom!


The Jungle Story 

By: Jovan

The wind blew, the trees did too.

The leaves flew, two by two.

Even with the wind, the jungle is still hot,

Something like a melting pot.

Some animals fly, some animals run.

Some swim and have fun in the burning sun.

Some animals roar, some shriek and chirp,

Others, in the middle of the night…burp.

The jungle is fun, but dangerous too,

Especially for humans like me and you.  


The illustration below was drawn by Sayana.  I wish we had more of ‘this’ in Vancouver. 


Lost in the Forest

By:  Simrit

Lost in the forest,

so creepy at night.

I feel my fist go so tight.

Looking up at the moon as it goes bright,

then all of a sudden, it slips out of sight.  


Below is an illustration by Vanessa.  Could this be the lost girl?




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